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Moving a piano by yourself

When a piano by itself is moved, the possibility of damage is evident. You can easily damage your home, your piano or worse - risking injury. Pianos are very heavy and can weigh between three hundred and five hundred pounds. Mounted upright piano can weigh up to about seven hundred thousand pounds. Grand pianos weigh about 500 to 1000 pounds, while a piano concert grand a ton. If it was simply a matter of weight, you would only need a few people to carry a piano.

As against, moving an object such as a piano, there are several factors to be considered. For example, it is very important to consider the balance of the object in order to have a safe and efficient movement.

How pianos are moved

Often people are curious about how a huge object, such as a piano, is transported from one destination to another. How do you spend a grand piano through a door? How do you move a piano to the fifth floor? Unless the piano is very small and light, the majority of pianos are placed on a special skid. The piano is covered and attached to the skid. If the piano needs to be moved on a platform for such a remote area, the panel of the piano is placed on a cart, and drove them to their destination, either the stairs or moving truck. In the staircase, the carriage is removed and the panel is slid a piano very slow way up or down stairs.

As shown in this picture, a grand piano leaned on his right side and then the lid and pedal lyre are removed. Then the leg on the right side of the piano is removed and the piano is carefully lowered to the panel piano.

Some common situations

The image above, shows how the size of a piano can be an important factor in situations of removals. It is often difficult to judge the corners of a room because they can not easily be measured. An experienced mover can usually judge these dimensions only looking.

However, they can encourage a visit to the place before moving day to avoid potential difficulties. There are certain procedures that can be prepared in advance when you move a piano. You can use a mattress size "Queen" (60 inches. X 80in.) As a measurement tool, which allows you to decide whether the piano may pass through the area shown. If the foundation may move perpendicularly into a staircase and a passage through the corners as shown in the picture this can save you money and time. It will not be possible if the movement is against a long distance. If the piano can not enter in the space provided, the customer must either pay for the return of the piano to its starting point, a new destination or storage.

Some problems can occur up or down a piano up the stairs. The most important step we must take into account the minimum clearance between the edge of the stairs and ceiling. Grand pianos and large vertical will not fit down the stairs bulkhead cellar, except when the bulkhead stairs themselves are removable.

The images above show the approximate dimensions of the pianos on skids. It is very important to have the dimensions when a piano is transported through a window or a door. These dimensions may vary by a few inches of a piano to another. A grand piano on a skid is about 60 inches tall, no matter the length of the piano. A standard window size is also 60 inches tall so take measures very carefully to avoid errors. Movers remove belts window, window frames and other measures to ensure the piano can pass through the window. However, the pianos do not usually pass through windows or attic windows with belts which can not be removed.

Grand pianos are placed on their side, the legs and the lyre are removed. A grand piano is quite narrow and go through a door or other openings easily.

When a piano must be moved from one floor to another, apart from the ground floor, several movers prefer lift as shown in (picture 7), rather than mount or descend stairs. This is actually more dangerous to the piano and the piano movers to carry up the stairs rather than using a crane to lift the piano and go through a window. Most movers consider moving by stairs when there is only one stage or when no other alternative is possible. Of course if the building has a freight elevator that can support the piano, this method is more advantageous compared to others. Basically, the responsibility is with the customer to ensure that the piano will adapt to its new location.

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